The 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning™ (5D™) Smart Card Version 4.5

The 5D™ instructional framework is a research-based tool to help schools and districts create shared language for teaching and learning, scaffold the development of expertise and grow high-quality instructional practices.

Version 4.5, updated in 2020, reflects research on the science of learning and development and ways in which student experiences in school and classrooms influence their outcomes. With revisions and additions to vision statements and guiding questions, the updates emphasize research supporting the importance of:

  • Promoting mastery-oriented learning (driven by learning goals) as an approach to developing intrinsic motivation and productive mindsets
  • Engaging students' long-term interests as a strategy to develop student ownership of learning
  • Valuing student identities and experiences to improve belonging, strengthen activation of prior knowledge, and enrich whole-class learning
  • Targeted feedback for students throughout the learning process

Size & Dimensions: 8.5”x 11”, four-page booklet